An easier good-bye

Long story short, I ended a relationship yesterday. We had only been dating about a year and things had been moving slowly. It was nice. I could continue to be the independent person I am, but also have someone I knew was there for me.  There did come a day where he wasn’t there for me though. Multiple days actually. Two weeks went by that we didn’t talk. This was my sign. The red flag.

This was an easier good-bye. Now, good-bye’s are never easy, and I’ve had my fair share of good-byes to know. But this time, something was different. I never allowed myself to change who I was. I never allowed myself to fall deeper into the hopeless romantic I once was. I kept a respectful distance from the word love. It never once crossed paths with my lips.

I stayed the confident, independent person that I have grown to be. And that is why, as I sit here typing this, alone, I am happy. Happy that I made a decision for myself. Happy that I didn’t convince myself, ‘he would change’ or ‘it’s not that bad.’ I didn’t allow myself to make excuses. I felt an emotion and went with it.

For this, I am proud.

Love until later,



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