A 200 Mile Road trip, all alone

Yes that’s right. I left today at noon to drive 200 miles, about 3 hours, alone to a hotel in Vermont. I booked it weeks ago. I wanted to take an adventure by myself, so here I am.  I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do here. I’ve never been to Vermont. I made sure my hotel had a gym and a pool so that in case I somehow get bored, I can rely on that.

But MAN. Driving 3 hours straight, no rests, is exhausting. I just made myself some sloppy Joe’s in my hotel. I hate hate hate flat top stoves. Took so long to heat up!

Anyways. I’ve only been here for two hours. But all I can say is PLEASE TRY THIS. It is amazing to be accepting of loneliness. To do something for yourself, by yourself. (Side note: only my coworkers know I’m here. I didn’t tell my family.)

It’s freeing.

Please, if you, like many, need a break from the worlds realities, drive 3 hours to a hotel and live your life, fabulously alone.

Love until later,



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