My California Discoveries

I just got home and settled in from a week’s vacation in California. Now, I’ve never had opportunities to travel, so a simple plane ride is exciting to me. I went with my brother and his wife, whom I also live with. We took our flight (connecting in Detroit Michigan) and landed safely in San Francisco. We explored the area for the day: visited the Golden Gate Bridge as well as the house that Full House takes place in. (That one was my idea).


We spent the night in San Francisco and started our journey down the coast the following day. My brother driving our Toyota rental car, we drove down Route 1, and saw some AMAZING views of the Pacific. I had yet to see the West Coast, and man it is beautiful.


With stops for breakfast, and lunch, as well as scenic views like the one above, it took 12 hours in total to make it to our destination for the rest of the week in Marina Del Rey. We stayed at a little motel 5 minutes from Venice Beach. It was really quite great.  During the rest of our stay we took day trips to cities near by. One to the San Diego Zoo and another to Hollywood, as you’ll see below.

What I noticed about California, besides the endless Subway Restaurants and Starbucks, and lack of Dunkin’ Donuts… is that it’s talked up to be more amazing than the impression it left on me. Don’t get me wrong, I am so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to travel there and experience all types of food and culture and the weather was impeccable compared to my home of New England (in fact, the day we left it was -10 degrees at home).

But I’m a girl who loves change. I love the 4 seasons we have. I love being able to experience a white Christmas and learn how to snowboard and ski. I love the smell of warm apple cider after freshly picking my own apples and the sound of crunchy leaves under my tall cowboy boots. I love the smell of rain and freshly budded flowers in the Spring and I love the sound of birds and bees and children splashing in their pools in the Summer.

Dear California, Thank you for giving me my experiences, but I’m a New Englander at heart and your consistent 80+ degree weather and access to famous people and beaches will never change that.



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