A Lonely Future

Tomorrow is the day I move. Now if you’ve been reading my blog since I started, you may be thinking to yourself, Didn’t she just move?. Yes. Yes I did.

I moved April 1st 2016 into an apartment with a roommate. A girl I’ve known for a few years. A mutual friend of a friend of a friend … It was very quickly apparent that although we got along at parties , that we were NOT meant to live together. Two different personalities in such a small space: it reminded me of when my mother and I lived together.

But I found a Deluxe Studio in my price range not too far away and tomorrow at noon, I pick up the keys. I am incredibly excited and a smudge nervous. Now. Let me give you a little more background on myself:

  • I am an incredibly shy 23 year old girl.
  • I am the only one in my family to ever graduate college.
  • I am the only one in my family to ever move into my own place.

I see myself as very different from my family members. I have always been independent, quiet and observant. I think it’s why I do so well with people. I take in a lot of information and when I do finally speak, I have thought so methodically of what to say.

I can’t wait to decorate.

I haven’t even seen my apartment yet due to previous tenant, and repairs being done. I saw the rental office and let me tell you.. If my apartment has the same floral wallpaper in my kitchen, I might cry.  But you know what, I’ll manage. I’ll have my own apartment with my cat Bitz, and I’ll officially BE the adult that I’ve always felt like.

Although I still have to ask my friends questions like “Wait, do I have to set up my electric before I move in? What about Comcast?” And to my brother, “Is NetGear a good brand for a modem/router?”

I can’t wait to be alone. And that goes against everything I’ve always said. But in a general sense, I think being alone will bring me closer to myself, and also give me adequate time to think about what I truly want from a partner. Most importantly, give me the confidence to walk away when I find what I don’t want from a partner.


Does anyone have any advice for a person living alone for the first time? Any tips or tricks that helped you?


Love until later.


3 thoughts on “A Lonely Future

  1. I lived by myself when I first moved to the area from Upstate NY, and it was reaaaaaaally hard for a while, especially since I really didn’t know anybody and all my friends were hours away. You’ll feel lonely sometimes. It will be uncomfortable, but it’s okay. You’ll get used to it, and even come to appreciate it, I think. Take care of your place. It’s easy to let it go when you’re the only one living there, but you’ll feel better having kept it up. Lastly, cook for yourself. I don’t mean zap a frozen mac and cheese–take some time and cook yourself something nice. It’s a great way to pass some time and the payoff is worth the effort.

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