Beauty and Imperfection: I Challenge you to a Duel!

Beauty comes from the inside out. When you are happy, you both look better and feel better. I believe everyone has struggled with some type of body image issue. It happens to all of us whether it be because of social media and discrimination, a kid in school who told you you’re ugly, or if you believe everyone else is gorgeous. Jealousy can get the best of us. But no matter what the reason, every single person in the world- I don’t care if you’re black, white, purple, green or fucking invisible- we’ve all experienced both beauty and imperfection.
I have a challenge for you. And at the end of this post, I will reveal my results. The next time you wake up for the day, snap a picture of yourself. Your raw self. Make it a straight forward shot, no angles. Ladies and gents, tie your hair back and have a blank expression.

I am asking for raw beauty and imperfection. After you take this shot… (As long as it’s not blurry, only take one)… look at it. Post it. Choose 3 imperfections you see. And choose 3 things you love.

Imperfections: Clearly I have trouble plucking my own eyebrows to match each other, one of my eyes has always been smaller than the other, my nose is crooked from when I broke it in 4th grade.

Beauties: I’ve always loved the shape and color of my lips, my skin is clear, and I love the dark color of my eyes.

This isn’t going to be a terribly hard challenge for a lot of people, but for some, it’s incredibly difficult. Do it if  want, challenge yourself. Post it or keep it to yourself.

But please remember, there are both beauties and imperfections in all of us.

Love until later.


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