Dear Matching Victoria’s Secret Jumpsuit girl,

I’d like to point out that its currently 8:00 pm at this gym and it is not crowded. I say this because there are 32 treadmills (I counted) and only 6 people including you and I using them. I believe this when I need to explain treadmill etiquette. I believe you do not choose the treadmill directly next to someone especially if there are 26 others to choose from.
This is not the only thing I wish to explain to you. You are wearing a hot PINK (PINK meaning the color and brand) jumpsuit, and I can clearly tell you have makeup on. ALSO. You did that thing girls do with long hair and put your hair in a “messy bun” on purpose. Probably because there’s no way you’re going to work out hard enough to actually mess up your perfectly perfect hair.

Lastly, (but the very first thing I noticed about you), you stood on that treadmill, you pressed start and you took a SELFIE. Stop. Please. Stop. You probably posted it on Instagram. I bet your caption was “#workingout” or “#ihatesweating” or “#Swag” or #whitegirlscantrun.”

I’m not usually one to hate on people. But as I watched you from the treadmill directly to your right (not my choice, remember).. I thought about it. I give you props for coming to the gym. Not because I think people like me will judge you. But because I have been struggling to get to the gym. It took MUCH convincing for me to show up tonight. And I pushed my self SO hard to drive myself there without stopping for an ice cream at McDonald’s next door. I pushed myself to stay on that treadmill for 30 minutes. Which is 30 minutes I would have normally been napping, or eating junk, or catching up on The Office which I’ve seen ten THOUSAND times.

It took a lot of work for me to get my ass in there and to stay. It took a lot of strength and sweat and tears and blood and sweat and sweat. Damn do I sweat a lot. Which is what made me decide to take a selfie when I got into the locker rooms. A selfie that I believe is worth posting on Instagram, and I will proudly do this. Probably with a caption reading: #strength, #determination, #motivation, #pushyourself, and maybe even #whitegirlscantrun.



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