Hello new girl, it’s nice to meet you.

Empowerment shines its light at different times and on different people. For me, I feel like I’ve been in the spotlight for a few weeks, and I’m not complaining. At first, I was a little worried, who is this new girl I see in the mirror?  Now when I see her, I welcome her with open arms and an open mind.

Yesterday I decided I am stopping my search for the perfect man, for the perfection relationship. Today, I decided while at the gym that I was going to focus on what I needed more than what I constantly try to protect. As a lot of women do, and do with respect, we protect our bodies when in public. We cover up to save our dignity, and we don’t want men looking at us like objects. I’ve always felt that way, and still do to a point.

I believe that in the right setting, the gym for example, I want people to look at me and be impressed. I want people to see the body I’ve worked so hard at. While running on the treadmill today, I wanted to cover up the time, miles, calories burned etc. in order to motivate myself to just keep running until I couldn’t handle it anymore. Normally I stare at that clock, mentally limiting myself to what I’m more than capable of doing.

See, today was my first day back at training for my next Tough Mudder. It was my first day to the gym with a workout routine I had created that included more than just “stay on a treadmill for 30 minutes and go home.” I wanted to cover up those miles and those minutes, and all I had was the shirt on my back to do so. So, mid run, I took my shirt off and draped it over the display screen of the treadmill and I kept running in my sports bra and leggings, showing off my bare skin and tattooed strength. I hesitated at first, looking at how many people were around, who’s judgement I was openly welcoming. And then, in an instant, I didn’t care. I reminded myself, you aren’t taking your shirt off to have people look at you. You’re taking your shirt off to cover the screen that’s preventing you from running further. Do what is going to help you.

It worked. I jogged for 15 minutes straight, completing the mile I had set out for. Typically, I walk for 4 and jog for 6, ending at a total of 30 minutes (which is still positive, but mentally limiting). When I completed the mile, I felt proud. I felt like I had put my goals over my fear of being judged, and that is what makes me happy. I did something for myself, without caring about what others thought.

Now.. recently I’ve just been writing and writing blog posts without a true purpose behind them. More so, that I just like writing. But I truly hope that they can inspire others to do things for themselves without the limiting and crippling fear that we all experience. I hope that empowerment shines its light on one of my followers, and reminds them they are the only person worth living for.

If empowerment has given light to you, share in the comments of this post, or write your own with the tag “Light of empowerment”


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