A Sensational Surge

​Just as my senses were hard at work during my roadtrip yesterday, they are the same when I am with you. I think its when I am faced with inspiration that my body goes into overdrive. The same way I could smell the rain through the windows, I can smell the cologne you put on in the mornings. Just the way I was staring into the beautiful foggy sky, it is the same when I stare into your eyes.  But what was most amazing to me, is in the same way my memory was triggered as I drove onto the big blue bridge from my childhood or drove past the old broken down barn I always wanted to buy, memories flashed of you. Memories flashed of your skin,  the scars on your shoulder and legs, the details of your tattoos and the way your lips gently open when you smile. You shift something inside of me in a way only nature has been able to do before.

Love until later,


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