“Out sick” Day Two.

Yesterday, I called out sick from work. Yet I haven’t sneezed or sniffled. Today, I went home sick. And still no signs of illness. 

My mind is sick. And you, my clients, coworkers and supervisor can’t see those symptoms.

If I were to describe my heart and mind so that you could understand.. I’d probably start with a twister, a tornado. Dark rain clouds and panic fill the air. Houses are breaking, families and animals trying so hard to find shelter, only to watch sheets of plywood and roof shingles flying off their sheds.

And I, would be standing out in an empty field of no protection, being hit by debris, drenched in rain, shock, pain, despair. Frozen feet planted to the ground. No escape. 

That is my heart and my mind these days. That makes me feel sick, ill,.. worthy enough of staying home . 


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